Our Wood Production Facility
We Are At Your Service In Wooden Products With Our 5000 m2 Integrated Facility
Company Profile

Başerler Forest Products, provides service with its wood processing experience; Today, Wooden Pallet, Wooden Crate, Foldable Plywood Crate, Marble Crate, OSB Crate, Cage Type Crate, Hinged Crate, Camellia Production, Timber, Duralitic Crate, Construction Timber, Cement Board All kinds of customer special orders according to your demand and It is one of the leading companies in the sector with its supply. It is the most important principle of our company to meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level with high quality and the best price. Product prices vary according to the desired quantity and dimensions. The raw materials used in our production have documents in compliance with European standards. We offer fast solutions to customer demands with our hardware, experience and qualified work force we have created over the years.

Production Plant

Başerler Forest Products produces high quality products with the latest systems. We have drying ovens in our facility. We have a drying oven system that can dry a total of 300 cubic meters of material at the same time. Drying process is applied for all kinds of wooden materials to our customers, and it is presented with the reports approved by our operators.

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Natural Wood Love
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