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Başerler Forest Products, provides service with its wood processing experience; Today, Wooden Pallet, Wooden Crate, Foldable Plywood Crate, Marble Crate, OSB Crate, Cage Type Crate, Hinged Crate, Camellia Production, Timber, Duralitic Crate, Construction Timber, Cement Board All kinds of customer special orders according to your demand and It is one of the leading companies in the sector with its supply. It is the most important principle of our company to meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level with high quality and the best price. Product prices vary according to the desired quantity and dimensions. The raw materials used in our production have documents in compliance with European standards. We offer fast solutions to customer demands with our hardware, experience and qualified work force we have created over the years.

Our company continues to progress on the path it draws without sacrificing Quality and Trust. Our company, which also gives importance to export, is exporting our products that we produce to all over the world. Quality control is applied to the raw material, the production process and the finished product; however, all kinds of approved products are shipped to the customer. We only make promises we can keep, accept agreements as binding, and comply with the law in all our business transactions.

With all our facilities, we expect you to reach us at any time of the day to meet every expectation of our valued customers.

Our Values

Our Vision

By following the developments in the forest industry sector in the world, without harming the forests of our country; To produce high quality and robust products that are harmless to human health, respectful to the environment, to offer them to the consumers, and to add value to comfortable living spaces with quality, innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly products that will meet the expectations of all stakeholders at the highest level.

Our Mission

As Başerler Forestry Products, we continue our journey with confident steps with our economic and quality materials with our line that we have created with the integrity of our environmentally sensitive, social, cultural and intellectual values in order to transform every place where life exists to become more modern.

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