Construction Timber in Structures

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Many materials are used in the building industry. One of the products that make wood materials stand out is timber. Lumber has a wide range of uses. It is used in many areas from window frames to doors, flooring to roof skeleton. Construction timber is one of the wooden materials that come to the fore at this point. Because construction timber has important functionality in terms of usage area. This product is a very important material to use in the molding process made before concrete laying. Another application emerges in the form of a roof frame.

Both building formwork and roofing frame knitting work is troublesome. At this point, construction timber comes to the fore as it is an application area requiring durability. Lumber is divided into varieties among them. Regardless of the structure, the timber used in the construction of all kinds of buildings is called construction timber. While building timber, trees such as spruce, pine and hornbeam are generally used. The salient features of these trees are that they are robust, able to withstand heavy applications in construction. Another advantage of construction timber is that they are not disposable. It is possible to use these products repeatedly in different buildings. Therefore, its usage area and life is quite high.

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